Your steps always at a glance

With WristSteps you always have your current step count at a glance on your Apple Watch. The well designed Watch App presents you your current steps when you open it and allows you to set a daily step goal. With the extensive support for complications you can always take a look at your current progress on your watch face. A wide range of complications is supported to perfectly fit your style.

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Powerful features on your wrist

Always at a glance

Your current stepcount always at a glance on your wrist

Be up-to-date

WristSteps is always up-to-date with your current stepcount.

Editable Complications

WristSteps supports a wide range of complications to fit your style.

Set a goal

Set a daily of steps you want to walk.

Privacy Policy

WristSteps is not sharing any Health informations with the Developers or third parties. WristSteps reserves the right to track app usage and user behavior for anayltics, bug fixes and feature development.